The Healing Properties of CBD with David Duncan of Music City Hemp Store

February 23, 2019

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Event Menu:

House Made Breads
cultured CBD butter

Pinto Bean Hummus
toasted pecans, black garlic

Poached Whitefish
cucumber, cream cheese, preserved lemon

Salt Baked Beet Pate
roasted garlic, pistachio crumble

black truffle CBD butter, sorghum

Braised Lamb
caramelized onion, pickled peppers

Smoked Sweet Potato & Sprouted Grain Salad

Chicken Liver Mousse
onion marmalade, toast

CBD Cornmeal Pudding
heirloom popcorn custard, bourbon raisin compote

David Duncan of Music City Hemp Store took us through his journey into the CBD world, discussing some interesting benefits of CBD, and gave us a taste of some of the products he sells in his store and online.

He was joined by Will Tarleton of Bells Bend, Andrew and Maggie Fox of Veteran Grown, and Dr. Amy Neff for a robust and multi-faceted conversation on the benefits of CBD.

Local CBD vendors (Hoppy Goat Hemp Co., Yuyo Botanics, The BE-Hive, and Veteran Grown) were sampling and selling their products.

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The Wheel of Well-Being : How Food Affects your Health with Dr. Amy Neff

October 27, 2018


Dr. Amy Neff is a primary care physician board specializing in integrative medicine at Saint Thomas Medical Partners, a part time school health provider, and a very part-time farmer.

She discussed the “Wheel of Well-Being” and the different spokes it entails including food, health, community, sense of purpose, sleep, and nature. Her work with patients of all ages demonstrates how hard it is for people to have a sense of well-being in spite of all the technological and material advantages of this modern age.

Event Menu:

Tangerine Moon Farms Mushroom Pate & Crispy Mushrooms
focaccia toast

Cured Mangalitsa Lardo
charred broccoli, everything spice, preserved lemon

Caramelized Onion Focaccia
warm tallow, herbs, cracked pepper

Fermented Rice
kaffir lime, ginger, gochujang chili

Short Mountain Cultures Tempeh
benne seed oil, black tea vinegar, sprouts

Bells Bend Grass-Fed Beef Terrine
shaved marinated cucumber, shallot, mint

butternut squash, onion marmalade

Green Tea Panna Cotta
coconut, spiced autumn apples

Live music from the Bells Bend String Band

Live music from the Bells Bend String Band


From the Dig to the Pig : a talk with Karen Overton of Wedge Oak Farm

August 4, 2018


Karen Overton of Wedge Oak Farm discussed her journey from working as an art fabricator and archaeologist to becoming a farmer, raising some of the rarest breeds of hogs in the country.

The event included an assortment of samplings comprised of products from the farm as well as reception and beverage offerings from local producers.

Event Menu

Duck Liver Pate

onion jam, toast

Pimento Cheese Gougeres
pepper jelly, chive

Spiced Manga Pork Rinds
Chinese mustard

Birch Beer Duck Wings
black pepper, ginger

Mangalitsa Country Terrine
black raisins, gherkins, cabbage

Pickled Pinto Beans
sweet peppers, sprouted lentils, preserved lemon